Develop a communications strategy to reposition the City of Belmont as a place to do business, with a particular focus on Belmont Business Park.



Undertake a comprehensive SWOT analysis of the City of Belmont as a place to do business


Analyse City of Belmont’s existing communications and provide recommendations


Recommend a range of strategically chosen communcations tactics to meet the brief


Provide recommendations around timing, budget and implementation of the communications strategy



Hunter worked closely with the City of Belmont’s Property & Business Development team to ensure the strategy reflected the core priorities of the City, while addressing the key barriers to success.


The final strategy included budget considerations for key elements of the suggested 24-month campaign, thereby allowing the City of Belmont to quickly review and activate certain urgent components, including a signage and placemaking project for Belmont Business Park.



Development of a comprehensive communications strategy for the City of Belmont

Development of a signage brief for Belmont Business Park

Strategy presented to the City’s executive management team in July 2018