Hunter Communications has been working with the Department of Transport on four major projects:


On Demand Transport Reform

Hunter developed a communications plan for the roll out of new reforms to on-demand transport. With such a diverse group of stakeholders, Hunter looked at a wide range of communication tactics including press stories, content for social media, talkback radio opportunities, coffee carts at taxi stands and information “goodie bags” for drivers.


Marine Safety

Hunter was tasked with devising a marine safety education campaign to help reduce deaths on WA’s coastal waterways. The campaign, to be rolled out over summer 18/19, will focus on a key behavioural change for boaters and watercraft users, to help reduce drowning deaths.



The Westport: Port and Environs Strategy Taskforce engaged Hunter Communications to provide communications and community engagement support. This includes organising, promoting and running three major community engagement sessions.


Main Roads

Hunter has worked with Main Roads in a community engagement role, organising, promoting and running information sessions for residents impacted by Main Roads projects.