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Agency insights: the State of Social 2019

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

Hunter Senior PR Associate Genevieve Howe attended the State of Social event at Optus Stadium. The event brought digital marketers, communicators and brand managers from across WA together to discuss the ever-evolving world of digital and social media.

Here, Genevieve shares the key takeaways from the event and some practical tips that will put you ahead of the curve in your social media game.


On Tuesday 25 June 2019, I attended the State of Social event at Optus Stadium. While it is an event targeted at social and digital marketing, we all know that the once distinct lines of communications functions are rapidly blurring.

While our primary offerings at Hunter currently sit in the public and media relations realm, social media is a strategic tool we frequently utilise to create trans-media narratives and amplify many of our clients’ initiatives. Not to mention, social media is now a key player in the way we see and share news.

Speaking of news, it is no surprise that social media is changing the way that news is gathered and distributed. Jenna Clarke, The West Australian, Michael Best, Channel Nine and Heidi Anderson, Hit 92.9 all commented on the changing WA media landscape and the breakthrough of Facebook and Twitter becoming the new news bulletins.

Key note speaker Matt Navarra (creator of the hashtag) led an inspiring conversation about the global state of social. Many of his insights are just as relevant here for brands in Perth as they are for the global tech leaders he consults to. I captured his insights as the ‘Yays’ and ‘Nays’ of social media:


  • Be real.

  • Utilise Facebook groups. They are the communities of the future.

  • Leverage a platform for its purpose.

  • Ride the wave of trends: What is your audience talking about in the news or pop culture? Why not jump on board!

  • Don’t post and ghost. Engage with people who are engaging with your content.


  • You can’t be everywhere. Use the platforms that your audience engages with.

  • Do not replicate content across platforms. It is not strategic and looks inauthentic.

  • Social media posts are not 70 word press releases. Get creative.

  • Don’t chase the algorithm, because it is always changing.

As we start to shift from seeing PR and marketing as a cost to business to seeing it as an investment, we create unique opportunities for clients to embrace collaborative efforts across content, marketing and media. What was once considered a one-off bricks and mortar launch event can now become a user experience across digital platforms, user generated content, and a part of a brands online narrative.

So, get creative and don’t be intimidated by the online social-sphere. There are so many opportunities out there to connect with your audience!

Thank you for reading,


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