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Campaign Insights: More Than Mining

The Brief

Regional Australian mining communities have long struggled with housing affordability and costs of living due to the volatile boom and bust cycle inherent in mining. Hunter Communications was engaged to develop and implement a media and engagement strategy to launch the More Than Mining campaign and lobbying efforts.

The More Than Mining campaign was developed to call out housing inequity and challenges facing regional mining communities — such as population churn, struggling small businesses, lack of basic services due to exorbitant rents — and to generate a groundswell of community support behind the change.

The Objectives

Hunter Communications developed a two-tiered media engagement strategy to announce the launch of the More Than Mining Campaign:

  • Tier 1 - hyper-local media outreach, contextualising the issues in each participating community for their local media;

  • Tier 2 – national media engagement speaking to the issues at a higher level.

A comprehensive set of media resources (including video interviews, b-roll footage, case studies, FAQs, and written content) was developed and provided with the media release to encourage maximum media interest. With a view to generating a groundswell of local support for the campaign, Hunter established a petition and associated social media strategy to boost its reach and visibility.

To facilitate government relations from collaborating local governments, Hunter developed a list of target Members of Parliament and a suite of digital resources, including fact sheets, backgrounders, talking points and local case studies.

The Strategy

  • Apply direct pressure to federal government to equalise the Fringe Benefits Tax concessions for regional mining communities.

  • Generate and capture a groundswell of support from existing and potential residents of mining towns and cities.

  • Shine a spotlight on housing equity and the impacts of high costs of living in regional mining communities.

The Results

  • The media strategy was endorsed by the steering group of collaborating local governments in mining communities across Australia.

  • Hunter launched the campaign on 8 September 2021, securing 27 pieces of target media coverage.

  • High usage by the working group members of social and content assets.

  • Based on the success of the launch, the client has asked Hunter to provide a scope for an ongoing campaign between now and the next Federal election.

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