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Communications: Why it’s an art, not just a science

More than a few executives and business owners have proudly told me in recent months that they have managed to cut the size of their communications teams because AI can replace much of what they did.


And yes, like many industries AI can take on a some of the outputs we produce and deliver financial and productivity efficiencies. I know this to be true because I use it too.  AI is, and will continue to, radically change our industry.


But as it gets even harder for brands and businesses to cut through the noise and sheer volume of communications we receive, are you really going to leave your communications in the hands of ChatGTP, Bard or similar -  which is doing the same task for hundreds of others, including your competitors?


AI can help with tactical communications, such as producing disposable social content ideas or even some generic website material or blogs, but I’m yet to see it manage the nuances of a customised communications strategy.


Public Relations has done a really average job of its own PR – we struggle to succinctly describe what we do.  Maybe it’s because really great PR is actually an art, and not a science.  There is no one size fits all formula to PR. 


It is the art of knowing your target audience really well and what will resonate with them and how to deliver it.  It’s the subtleties of leveraging things that are topical or popular right now, reading the cultural, business and political landscape and finding that great creative idea that will ‘cut through’.  It is also about connecting people  - with stories, with brands and businesses.


Yes, clever communications practitioners will use AI to support more productive and efficient development of tactical comms, I have no doubt. But in 2024 when the economy is tightening for many, workplaces as we know them are evolving, technology advancements are disrupting our lives and ESG continues to dominate (rightly) corporate conversation, you need a great communications artist at your side to manage strategy. 

Click the image below to watch Nicole Moody chat;

Communications: Why it's an art, not just a science.

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