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Does traditional media have a role in your communications strategy in 2024?

Updated: Feb 7

As communications professionals we know the Australian media landscape is changing at a rate we have never before experienced. The rapid evolution of technology and changing audience behaviours mean we must remain on top of trends.


The rise of social and digital media remains a strong theme in 2024 – as brands and organisations continue to leverage their owned channels to tell their stories in an authentic and audience–centric way.


But what role does traditional media play for Australian communicators in 2024?


Short answer: Traditional earned media will continue to be a key part of the integrated comms toolkit, because Australian audiences are still all over it.  


Total Australian news readership figures from Roy Morgan show total news retained an impressive reach in 2023, a remarkable 96% of Australians aged 14 and above continue to engage with news on a monthly basis.


Digital consumption remains heavy, with 19.7 million Australians accessing news online, and more than half (57%) embracing both printed and digital news platforms within a single month. 


The Australian Media and Communications Authority reports that the appeal of traditional media remains evident, with 11.5 million Australians reading print magazines, marking a 4.1% increase from 2022.


Not surprisingly, there is a strong synergy between digital and print media. News publishers know their audience values diversity in content delivery. According to Rueter’s Institute’s Digital News report 2023, news sharing via social media is common practice amongst audiences too – blurring the lines between traditional and social media. 28% of Australians share news in this way and 32% actually get their news via Facebook, for example.


Trust in news in Australia has increased from 2022, but remains only at 43% - so whilst traditional media plays a role in shaping conversation, brands must continue to leverage their owned channels too. In fact, the Edelman Trust Barometer (a global measure) reports in 2023, businesses remain more trusted over Governments and the media.


So, what does this mean for brands and organisations? An integrated multi-channel communications strategy that understands your business, your audience needs and how you can reach and engage them remains key.


Traditional media should continue to play a role, but equally your owned channels, other earned media opportunities and communications tactics are all essential too.

Click the image below to watch Lorelei Campbell chat;

Does traditional media have a role in your communications strategy in 2024?

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