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Have a sweet Christmas with luxury baker Ox Rabbit

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

The Hunters are proud to have supported the launch of Ox Rabbit’s sensational new Christmas collection.

The Christmas collection includes a decadent range of festive treats, with a signature Ox Rabbit twist on the traditional recipes. From heavenly Spiced Orange Bundt Cakes to Gingerbread Brownies, it’s safe to say that this mouth-watering collection of luxurious baked goods will be at the top of our wish-list this year!

After much consideration, our top three picks from Ox Rabbit’s Christmas Collection are:

  1. Summer Trifle It has been declared that the trifle is making a comeback this year- a dessert position that we fully endorse. The Summer Trifle by Ox Rabbit is the perfect dessert for an Australian Christmas- infused with summery fruits, it is a light and refreshing treat! We love the Summer Trifle so much that we even included the recipe here.

  2. Luxury Fruit Mince Slice Ox Rabbit is renowned for their unique spin on classic recipes, so it should come as no surprise that their take on the traditional fruit mince pie is a delicious and luxurious festive slice! The Fruit Mince Slice not only tastes divine, but it also goes further at events, making it a fantastic choice for all of your Christmas activities.

  3. Chocolate Cherry Brownies Brownies are always a favourite choice for every occasion. This indulgent combination of chocolate and cherry incorporates traditional flavours into a chocolate slice of heaven. Plus, the gold dusting adds a little sparkle to match the festivities!

You can order Ox Rabbit’s indulgent Christmas Collection here.

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