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How to build your personal brand

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

Your personal brand encompasses not only who you believe yourself to be, but how others think of you. To help you start to consider what your personal brand currently is, and how you can build it, we have compiled our top four tips below:

1. Make a great first impression. It takes one tenth of a second for someone to form a judgement of you – so make sure you approach every new encounter with the right attitude and presentation.

2. Actively build your online presence. Personal and professional social accounts are no longer considered separate, which means you have to uphold your professional persona in every encounter — no matter the platform!

3. Always dress for the occasion. How you present yourself influences how you are perceived by others, so it’s important to keep up your personal presentation.

4. Develop your interpersonal skills. Being able to form strong relationships through your interpersonal skills is crucial for your reputation. Practice developing these skills by becoming aware of how you interact with others.

If you are interested in learning more about how to build and maintain your personal brand, The Hunter team offers personal branding workshops! Reach out to us via email:

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