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How to generate PR for your business

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

PR is crucial for building your business reputation and maintaining a positive public perception. There are a number of ways that you can organically generate good PR for your organisation – see our top 5 tips below:

1. Take time to network. Whether it be attending industry events, or contributing to online discussions, networking is an effective way to promote your brand and form strategic connections.

2. Be active on a range of social media channels. By using a variety of platforms to share news about your brand, you are able to reach a larger and more varied demographic.

3. Share thought leadership pieces. Position yourself and your organisation as industry leaders, by sharing your knowledge and industry insight with others. This can be done by posting blogs, podcasts or video content.

4. Be clear about your point of difference. What is your unique selling point? Make sure that you are emphasising this in all of your content.

5. Consume a wide variety of media. This will help to make you aware of the type of stories that the media is interested in, and what consumers are engaging with.

Or you could always reach out to us – we’re pretty good at PR advice!

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