JOIN THE PACK: Executive Assistant & Office Coordinator

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The Hunter Way

Hunter Communications was created out of a drive to make PR and Communications better – providing a better service through dedication to and genuine passion for positive client outcomes.

Our energetic positivity and ‘can-do’ attitude leads to creative and innovative solutions and strong relationships with clients who trust our dedication to results. We are eager to do high-quality work, and have fun while we are doing it. We believe that you don’t need to sacrifice quality work for fun.

We have worked hard to foster a collaborative culture where we prioritise the success of the team over the success of the individual. We rejoice in doing great work and want to celebrate what makes us a successful team.

Everything we do is underpinned by six core values which guide our behaviour and decisions. Living these values is critical to the success of our business.

Service: We will always put the client first and ensure we offer friendly, reliable and value for money service for our clients

Honesty: We will always be honest with each other and our clients and manage client expectations. We will take personal responsibility for our actions.

Respect: We will treat each other and our clients, stakeholders and suppliers, professionally and with respect

Quality: We will strive for continuous improvement of our business and the outcomes for all clients

Fun: We will celebrate the wins, recognise our achievements and learn from our mistakes.

Teamwork: We share in each other’s successes and challenges. Clients and contacts don’t belong to individuals – we share and learn from each other.

Why this role exists

To handle the day-to-day administrative and logistical aspects of business operations and remove distractions that prevent the Managing Director from focusing on building the business, managing key customer relationships, mentoring and developing staff, and growing business capability.

Key outcomes of your role

Service: You ensure that clients feel welcome, wanted, comfortable and secure in our hands.

Respect: Schedules are maintained in a way that respects client time and our time – unrealistic timeframes are avoided, and parties are kept updated on any changes or delays.

You are always considerate of suppliers – advising on timeframes for requests, giving timely feedback on quotes

Quality: Your communication is always clear, your tone is considered based on the client/supplier relationship and your spelling and grammar reflects the professionalism and standard of all our other communications.

Administrative and operational systems are improved and implemented to promote quality, effectiveness and efficiency (in that order).

Fun: You champion celebration, notice and track achievements, and be an enabler of fun (whilst recognising when it is and is not appropriate).

Teamwork: You do everything with a ‘team service’ mentality whilst taking care not to over-commit your time. You do whatever it takes to support the business in delivering exemplary service and outcomes to clients.

You focus on conveying the value of teamwork and collaboration when you induct new team members.

You seek ways to acknowledge and reward team-focused behaviour.

Key areas of responsibility

This is a constantly evolving role that will grow and change with the business. Therefore, this is not an exhaustive or detailed list of tasks, but an indication of the areas of focus for this role. You should expect to undertake other reasonable duties and tasks as requested, within your capabilities, depending on the needs of the business.

Executive support

  • Provide administrative support for the MD, (e.g. writing responses on her behalf, drafting correspondence, preparing presentations, and writing and editing documents such as tenders or reports).

  • Personal ‘concierge’ duties to free up the time of the MD to focus on the business and clients.

  • Organise meetings on behalf of the MD.

  • Manage the MD’s diary.

Human Resources

  • Coordinate the recruitment and selection of interns.

  • Manage inductions and systems training for all new employees.

  • Manage HR Administration including contracts and collection of employment data.

Workflow and resources management

  • Facilitate the flow of work by managing capacity estimations and keeping the MD updated.

  • Manage timesheets tracking billable client time and liaise with Bookkeeper to facilitate invoicing.

General administration

  • Meet and greet clients and ensure they feel welcome.

  • Ensure all shared spaces are maintained to a high standard of presentation.

  • Manage supplier relationships.

  • Coordinate the smooth running of the office including maintaining supplies, facilities and office machinery.

  • Organise social events which promote a positive, celebratory culture, and support the organisation of client events as directed.

  • Ensure website is kept up to date.

  • Undertake basic IT troubleshooting and liaise with IT provider.

  • Provide general administrative support to the team as needed.

Knowledge, skills and abilities you need to do this job well

  • Experience in a consulting, client-service-driven environment

  • Familiarity with Apple Mac infrastructure including basic IT troubleshooting

  • The ability to format complex text documents in Microsoft Word

  • Good skills with the Microsoft Office Suite.

  • A practical understanding of small-business Human Resources, including legislative compliance.

  • A valid driver’s licence and reliable vehicle.

  • Basic presentation and graphic design experience (e.g. using Canva).

  • Able to keep up with constant change and shift priorities as needed.

  • Able to train and impart knowledge.

  • Able to maintain high-level confidentiality.

  • Able to build trust through demonstrated capability and good communication.

  • Excellent spelling, grammar and proof-reading abilities.

The kind of person that is suited to this job

  • High initiative which makes you proactive in decision making and problem solving.

  • Intuitive and able to think of solutions and make decisions based on logic and common sense.

  • Energetic, eager, positive, passionate, fun, and dedicated – with a great sense of humour.

  • Cool in a crisis and know how to deal with people who are anxious or panicked.

  • Confident enough to ask questions and solve problems, but humble enough to listen and try alternative solutions.

  • Tidy and particular, with great attention to the finer details – understand the importance of presentation as a reflection of the brand – whether it be how you present, how the office is maintained, or how you construct an email – everything needs the same level of care.

Reporting details

Reporting to Managing Director