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LinkedIn Tips From Hunter

Emily Mason, PR Coordinator

Did you know LinkedIn is 21-years-old? This makes it the oldest social media platform still being used today – a testament to its stability, reliability and continual growth.

LinkedIn has grown rapidly from a website advertising jobs to a professional social media platform with more than 830 million users today. This is why businesses should think about a content strategy for their LinkedIn page – with a reach like that you’d be crazy not to.

Tools to start increasing your LinkedIn engagement and your personal profile should include investing in a mix of diverse content types like blogs, videos, infographics, presentations, articles and ensuring you have a engaging caption. Focus your content on people. Building an authentic connection with your audience helps us understand others and ourselves. We feel empathy with the people we encounter and having that as the focus of your stories enriches lives.

Attracting people’s attention is difficult enough with the amount of content posted, which is why captions need to be clever – drawing in users within seconds. LinkedIn captions can be longer than other platforms, and it requires a bit more planning and consider the following tips:

👊 You have two seconds to grab their attention! Tap into your inner journalist /storyteller and pack a punch with the first line of your post. Use statistics, questions, humour, inspirational quotes, or a compelling statement.

✍️ To really intrigue audiences, include three or four hard paragraph breaks between your headline and opening sentence, so they must click the ‘see more button’.

📖 Tell a story in your content. Every business has a story to share, whether it's about the history of the company, employee wins or the journey of a project or product. Many of the most amazing marketing campaigns come back to human marketing like Nike’s ‘Just Do It’ campaign that features professional and amateur athletes sharing their accomplishments and inspiring viewers to do the same.

🗣️ Give a call-to-action at the end of your post so users know what to do next. Do you want them to comment, like, share your post or answer a question? Ask them and in doing so, you start a two-way dialogue and begin to form a relationship.

#️⃣ Hashtags – You should be using hashtags to establish your credibility, show expertise and reach people who value your insights. They are also a great tool to reach outside of your network to others who would be interested in your topic of conversation, content and/or business. But restrain, use between three to ten relevant tags on a post – that should do the trick.

Stuck on content creation? Here are some ideas 💡

Videos are a must…

We have all heard this a million times before - but this is also true for LinkedIn. Video is where it is at and it appeals to millennials, who have taken over baby boomers as the largest living demographic.

What kind of videos should you post? Behind the scenes, explanatory videos, expert interviews, brand stories, trending news, event videos or even webinars.

Visual content with information

Post presentations and infographics. Maybe there is part of a presentation you can share? Or some information you can make into a slide presentation?

Celebrate company wins and milestones

Don’t be shy to celebrate company success stories and show gratitude to followers and customers for helping you achieve your goals. What has your company achieved? Better yet, what have your employees achieved?

Give your audience an insight into your company’s mission and vision and don’t forget the visual impact photos can make

Share third party content

No one likes to hang with the person at the party who’s talking about themselves the whole time. Post industry news, articles, maybe something about a client? By doing so, we show our value and authenticity to others.

LinkedIn is continuing to grow. In terms of content creation, only about two per cent of users create content – so get ahead of the game and get strategising.

Connect request

And finally - do not forget the importance of connecting with people you meet. Over time these relationships become valuable for job prospects, potential business clients and networking opportunities.

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