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The hot tips for podcasting

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

When the Hunters set out to create our own podcast earlier this year, it was a new territory for us.  

Like many, we’ve been observing the huge level of interest in the medium and how it is being used as an effective communications tool for businesses everywhere. 

We also had no idea where to start and so turned to advice from our contacts, our own career experience and podcasting experts to produce the series. What we discovered along the way is that podcasting is easier than it looks, and it is a hugely valuable tool for our business.

Get your pitch down 

From the outset, we knew we really wanted to produce something that would help listeners understand the people and issues behind the media, communications and public relations industry in WA. That said, from day one we made sure we invested time in setting out a strategy, goals and objectives and then considering who we would interview, and the structure it would take. By investing in this work up-front, it means we’ve been able to produce a consistent and relevant series. 


Because we knew we would be interviewing people who are very busy and might not have time to get to a studio, we decided to buy our own mics and record the sessions ourselves. This meant we could be flexible and go to our interviewees at a time and place that suited them. The entire podcast series was produced in-house and, because we now own the equipment, it can be used again to assist clients on various projects, including enhanced media training. 


We are lucky to have a team with experience right across the communications spectrum. In the case of our podcast we were able to draw on the experience of a Hunter with a background in radio who was able to refresh her editing skills and cut all the podcasts in-house. We also drew on the experience of other Perth people in the podcasting business to learn about how to choose and source our intro and outro stings, structure the format of our episodes, and we also listened to A LOT of other podcasts to understand best practise. 

Top tips

  • Before you start, do your research and see if anyone is doing something similar in the podcasting world. Scroll through iTunes, Podbean or SoundCloud and learn what is out there before you start. 

  • Find a podcasting platform that allows you to publish to multiple platforms with the click of a button. There are plenty available online. 

  • Make sure you pick an audio sting that reflects the content and style of your business and podcast. There are plenty of free and paid platforms online you can use to find what works for you. 

  • We found tips from Rachel Corbett, a Sydney journalist and podcaster, to be essential reading on our podcast journey. Have a look at her website - 

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