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Top tips for kickstarting your social media audit

The new year presents a great opportunity to assess different aspects of your business, to determine what is working well and areas for improvement.

Social media continues to become an increasingly important tool for businesses to communicate with both existing and prospective clients and customers, and utilising these channels strategically can support the growth and overarching success of your business.

To ensure you’re using your business social media accounts effectively, we recommend taking advantage of the quieter months to conduct a social media audit. See our top tips for getting started:

1. Compile the key information for all your existing social media accounts. Record details such as your business handle, page followers, bios, photos and logos, website links, and which team members hold admin access for the account. This will help you to have a centralised place where you can easily see all the important information for each account.

2. Ensure each platform aligns with your current brand identity. As your business grows, your brand often has to evolve to align with the current state of the business. As a result, it’s important to ensure all your social media channels reflect the most up-to-date brand style. Look at the key words, graphics, imagery, logos and brand voice being used on recent posts to assess whether your social media pages need a refresh.

3. Determine whether you’re using the best social channels for your business. Creating quality content for social media takes time and resources, so it’s important to focus your efforts on accounts that are the most suitable for reaching your target audiences. Are you using emerging platforms, such as TikTok, and would this be a worthwhile platform for your business to explore? Look at your page’s following, engagement rate and audience demographics to see if you’re utilising the most appropriate channels for your business.

4. Are you using best practice for each channel? Social media is ever-changing and 2021 saw a number of style and algorithm changes come into play for most platforms. Many social media outlets are now focussing their efforts on competing with TikTok’s rising popularity, making video content increasingly important. Take the time to research best practice for each social media channel, to help ensure your content receives cut-through with your target audience.

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