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What I have learned as a Hunter intern

Walking through those doors on the first day, I didn’t know what to expect. All I knew was that I was a bundle of excitement, with a million questions. Taking a step into the real world is always scary, especially when you know you’re only a student. But I knew that going to Hunter for placement was going to be so worth the anxiousness!

Diving into the real world of work, especially one of the most relevant worlds of work - public relations - really gave me a good insight of where I could see myself possibly in the future. But it wasn’t just my mind that figured this out, it was the ladies in this creative space of Hunter that welcomed me in on day one and continued to inspire me as I got to see them truly in their element.

From the small lists that I made to the huge amounts of research that I did over the time at Hunter, I’ve learned so much. One of the biggest things that I will take away is that it doesn’t matter what work you’re doing, if you don’t have the energy for the work nothing will be up to the creative level you want it to be. Finding that energy may be hard sometimes but when working with people like the Hunter team your job is made easy.

I think that I have always had a passion for social media and marketing but to actually getting an insight into the world of PR was truly something I never thought would happen so early on in my life! Every day has been different, and they have all been different in the best way possible. I’ve learned that by every day being different, you are always on the go - a bit like the world of the media every day is different and every day there is something new to look, read or talk about!

Overall, it has been an awesome time full of excitement and positivity to look back on!


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