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Why You REELy Have to Start Posting Video Content

By Elli Swanson, PR Associate

Video has well and truly taken over the social media landscape in the past few years. The rise of TikTok has seen social media shift towards video-preferred platforms.

Instagram CEO, Adam Mosseri, said the platform has started shifting to a video-preferred platform to reflect user trends. He noted that Instagram's growth was now almost entirely dependent on video content alone.

The key takeaway: if you're not already sharing video content, you're falling behind.

If you don’t already believe me, then here’s your WHY.

1. Videos are more engaging.

In short, watching a video is easier than reading a caption. Videos generate higher engagement and exposure, gaining ten times the engagement than an image post in 2022.

A rule on social media is that you have to capture the user's attention in the first three seconds to engage them. What will capture your attention more in three seconds; a video or a photo?

2. The algorithm will thank you.

Social media algorithms are now encouraging video sharing – these platforms want you to post videos so that people stay on their app for longer.

If we want higher engagement, then we have to play by their rules.

3. Videos have a longer shelf life.

Your IG reel has the ability to go viral weeks, months and even years after first posting. As Tik Tok, Instagram and now Facebook have an infinite scroll feature for all video content, your video could continue appearing on people's feeds long after posting.

This is because videos encourage more likes, comments and shares than other content types.

4. Video humanises your brand.

People engage with people. Showing the face behind your brand will create a closer connection with your audience, and now – more than ever – people want to know who YOU are, what you do and why.

Now that you know the why, you're probably wondering about the how. Read our upcoming blog post for tips on how to convert your content output to focus on video.

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