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Public Relations (PR)
/skill /

The influence of audience behaviour through a variety of mediums including social, digital, broadcast and print communication channels.


The concerted and strategic effort to establish connections with individuals, institutions and subcultures to deepen brand interest and understanding, and perpetuate relevance.

Often confused with scattered and socially driven networking fuelled by champagne and small talk.

So, what do we do?

Hunter creates and implements public relations and strategic communications solutions for Perth clients with earned and owned channels at the forefront.


While we consider media relations, strategy, campaign development and issues management to be our bread and butter – we consider all facets of communications including above the line opportunities and considerations.


If we aren’t the best person to support you or believe that additional skillsets are required to deliver the best results, we draw on our expert network of suppliers and supporters to provide you with a referral or build the brain power in the room!

... and how do we do this?

We meet you, we research you, and then we take your brief. 

More than 75 years of PR experience comes to the table to understand your needs, and conceptualise solutions. 

At Hunter, we aren't afraid to think outside the box.


We are fervent believers in 'not fixing it if it ain't broke', and delivering value for money. 

We are also innovators and creative strategists, so we will always put forward achievable, holistic and timely recommendations. 

Once we have all agreed on a plan of action, we get to work. 

At Hunter, our clients play an invaluable and collaborative role in activity planning and role out.

There is no set and forget when it comes to PR. We have our finger on the pulse and continually look for proactive and reactive opportunities for you to build connections with your audiences. 

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